Matchbericht ¦ Nationalliga B ¦ Grasshopper II vs. Ultimativo Uster ¦ 1:3

Another double home match for the GC NLB teams and following the rule of ‘age before beauty’ the GC Juniors (aka Sauna Snakes) agreed to let the GC Legends use courts 1 & 2 whilst we took up residence on the graveyard of champions (courts 4 & 5). Despite our relatively young team, by GC standards, we found ourselves up against an Uster team with an average age approximately half that of ours. 

First up, Lubo vs Marlon Bernegger and Tom vs Louai Hafez. The difference in match style was obvious; in the time it had taken Lubo to finish the first game Tom was still at 3-3 in his. Despite falling behind twice Lubo fought back from 0-1 and 1-2 down to draw level and force it into a fifth. Then with some focussed play he managed to save a couple of match balls before getting his own opportunity at 11-10 up. Unfortunately a critical mistake in the tie break cost it for Lubo and he lost a frustratingly close match 2-3. Meanwhile Tom kept to characteristic style and played long rally squash. With enough pressure the tactic worked and the games were level after two. However, his young speedy opponent kept everything in play and didn’t get too impatient, which combined with some poor unforced errors from Tom gave Uster their second win of the evening 3-1. 

Now all the pressure was on Yves and Magdy if we were going to salvage a pint or two. Magdy started against a rapidly improving David Bernet whilst Yves warmed up against Odin Hauri. David played savagely against Magdy, not letting him get into a rhythm and despite Magdy having some chances in the third it ended a clear 3-0 for Bernet. Meanwhile Yves was engaged in a tussle with his young opponent and just missed out on the first game following a tie break. It looked like bad news starting the second with Yves going 0-4 down before switching on. Then an excellent string of points followed for Yves and his opponent got flustered. Odin found himself on the wrong end of some nice shots from Yves, which he found frustrating enough to hit himself on the calf with his racket. With Yves hitting shots nice enough to match his hairstyle he zoomed through the next few games to seal a consolation match for GC. Final score a tight 1-3 loss for GC. 

Meanwhile the GC legends had already finished their match with an impressive 4-0 win over Vaduz and were already eating dessert as we sat down to our starters. While we couldn’t beat Uster on court we made up for it by winning at eating and drinking beer!