Information and Rules


The Clubliga offers every club member, from beginners through to the most competitive players, the chance to play against others in a competitive, yet friendly(!), manner.  It is therefore a great way to assess the level of your game aswell as to meet other club members.

The boxes are played over a two month period, with members of each box playing as many others in that box as they can.  Points are allocated as per the rules (see below) and players are promoted/demoted to form new boxes ready for the next period.

The boxes are currently being managed on Further information about squash levels and setting up an account is available here.


Valid from 01.10.2021

Matches are played as best of 5 (3 Gewinnsätze) (PAR 11).

Points are allocated as follows:

Winner3:06 Points
Winner3:15 Points
Winner3:24 Points
Loser2:33 Points
Loser1:32 Points
Loser0:31 Point
Walkover 4 Points

A walkover can be entered only in the following situation:

  • A match was already arranged

  • The opponent cancelled

  • Another date could not be found

When two players have the same number of points, the higher ranking is decided by the following:

  1. The player who's played the most games.

  2. Then the match result between the two players

  3. Finally, whoever started the boxes with the higher ranking.

Two players are promoted and two are demoted each period.

Entering Results

Results should be entered:

  • on Squashlevels (to do this, a free login is required)

  • in the table on the wall at the club


  • A wins 3:0 against C

  • B is given a walkover by D


Anyone not playing any matches in a box period will be removed from the boxes. If there are extenuating circumstances and you wish to stay in the boxes, please mail to explain.

Joining the Boxes

New joiners and returnees are very welcome and should request entry by emailing clubliga[at] They will be entered into the Clubliga at the beginning of the next period. Please provide the following contact information…

  • Full name

  • Mobile Number

  • Email Address

By default, new joiners begin in the last group.  A new joiner can be entered into a higher box by winning two challenge matches against two different opponents in that box.  These results should be entered into the "Challenge Matches" table posted on the wall next to the boxes.