Matchbericht ¦ Nationalliga B ¦ Grasshopper II vs. Kriens Pythons II ¦ 3:1

The last interclub match before Christmas saw the Sauna Snakes taking on the Kriens Pythons.

Up first were Dalvit vs Manuel Fischer and Tom vs Dario Bösch. Both games got off to a similar start, 11-7, 11-7 for GC putting both matches in a strong position for us. Dalviniho’s opponent played with a similar style to him and scrapped out some hard fought points. The third went to a tie break but thankfully our resident musician pushed through to close out the match 3-0 and set up a nice lead for GC. Meanwhile, Tom had found the standard tactic of patiently waiting for an error in the first 2 games stopped being effective as his opponent started playing more proactively and reduced his errors. Despite a late string of points to bring it to a tie break a series of errors gifted the third game to Kriens and meant at least one more game would be needed. The third started with back and forth squash before a more settled Tom closed out the game and match to win 3-1.

Following on were JB vs Bruno Odermatt and Magdy vs Julian Portmann. Both of them large opponents, which lead to quite a lot of traffic on court and subsequently decisions for the referees. Fortunately, JB had an extra level over his opponent and despite questioning a few decisions and not always playing the most elegant squash got through in 3 to secure an overall victory for us. Magdy, always one to please the crowd, had got off to a strong start against Julian. The disruptive hold and flick from our Egyptian maestro was proving too awkward for his tall opponent. Unfortunately, by the second game Julian had started to guess where Magdy was sending the ball (even more unfortunate was that this was too often directly into the tin). A regrouping in the third saw Magdy take a decent lead before his opponent fought back to take it to a tie break, luckily a burst of pace got Magdy over the line to a 2-1 lead. Despite feeling surprisingly out of breath, given the shortness of the rallies, El Barbary got himself into a very good position at 10-6 up. A sneaky cross court drop on what would have been the winning point was deemed a little suspect and, in the absence of a video ref, the point was replayed. Unfortunately this precipitated the mental collapse of our number 1 and the next 4 match balls were astoundingly saved by the Pythons player. However, the drama was far from over. With match and game ball opportunities for both of the players the referee decisions kept coming. With so much traffic and some tired loose shots there were almost as many lets as normal points during the tie break. A very painful missed match ball opportunity came when Magdy’s opponent was on the floor after diving into the front corner only for Magdy to feather his shot in to the tin. Nevertheless, a strong mental fight from the Kriens player was rewarded in the end when he eventually forced the match into a fifth after taking it 17-15. The 4th game had clearly taken its toll on the players and the desire to get to dinner started to show through. It was a much quicker affair and despite moments of inspired squash from Magdy it went 11-6 to the Kriens team. A tough 2-3 loss but certainly exciting for the crowd! Nevertheless a good overall win for the Sauna Snakes over their reptilian rivals the Pythons. 

A good first half to the season sees us safely in 4th in the table and only a few points behind the leaders. A big thank you to all the players who’ve stepped up to play for the team so far and here’s looking forward to another successful campaign following the Christmas break!