Matchbericht ¦ Nationalliga B ¦ Grasshopper I vs. Sihltal II ¦ 3:1

It was always going to be a tough one against the talented Langnau crew, so we had to pull all registers to win that one. It started well as Michi Mimü Müller looked at me in disbelief and disgust when I told him that our matches were going to be played on courts 4 and 5 (aka the backyards of Grasshoppers) because of the other (and notably younger) B team's seditious insist on equal rights!

Anyway, Luc's decision to first put up no's 2 and 3 proofed to be a tactical masterpiece: the underranked Mic took on the higher seated Michel Kummler and once again showed why as a junior he used to be the hope carrier of Swiss squash. After two hard fought first sets he finally broke Michel, and after displaying an array of beautiful kill shots closed out the match 11/4 in the third set.

Then the match of the no's 2 Mimü vs Luc. The two go back a long way as Luc once started his illustrious squash career in Langnau at the proud age of 22. Mimü, back then already one of the top players in Switzerland, was of course - like everyone else there at the club - making fun of the unconventional ping pong-esque style and technique and probably could have never imagined to ever lose against some weirdo like Luc. Yet recently they had some tight matches going either way, this time Luc coming on top after successfully absorbing Michi's nick shot festival. Tough 3/1 victory for Luc, bringing the team to a 2/0 lead.
It was then Fernando Ferreira's (=FF) turn to show to Sandro Borner the damage a proper badminton wrist can do to the opponent. FF played and won a fantastic first set. Unfortunately, the Portuguese who has become some kind of mascot for GC 1 ran out of air and couldn't quite hold up the level, so Sandro then won sets 2 through 4. In any case, the one set won by FF laid the foundation for the GC 1 victory by securing at draw and thereby relaxing Mäsi for the final match to come up.

No 1 seat Mäsi faced the equally gifted Luc Zatti. Both have a similar fast pace style, taking the ball very early. Mäsi took a quick and big lead in the first, but then Zatti found his rhythm and fought back strongly until 9/10, just to then give away a stroke and the set to Mäsi due to an unpopular decision of the ref (i.e. the writer). Luca came back fully energetic and won the 2nd with beautiful squash. In the 3rd however, Luca's lack of fitness became all too apparent and Mäsi took full advantage of it, extending the rallies (totally against his natural instincts) as much as possible. Finally, Mäsi wins convincingly 3/1 and therewith secures 3 points for GC1.