Matchbericht ¦ Nationalliga B ¦ Grasshopper I vs. Schaffhausen I ¦ 2:2

It was always going to be a tight one, the match vs the team from Eastern Switzerland composed of 3 Germans and a butcher, all the more as both Luc and Fernando were already ahead of the game complaining about having been hit by some virus (hopefully) not being the COVID-19.

First on court were No's 2 and 3. No 3 Mic faced the German Roland Orendt. Unfortunately, Mic didn't have his best day and could not display his talent, and Roland got to a two-set-to-love lead before the no's 2 had finished their first game. Roland with his quick hands was on fire, and despite good fighting spirit of Mic closed out the match  in straight sets. Meanwhile, Luc on court 1 played Nico Bruno and struggled not only with his movement and a great start of his opponent but also coughed like he was choking on something. The cough got so bad that Nico gave Luc a good look, wondering whether he was actually able to continue to play and hoping that it's not the Corona-Virus. Despite Nico being awarded at least half a dozen strokes, Luc somehow managed to sneak the first two games. Yet it was not the most exemplary performance of the GC1 no 2 in many respects. At 7/7 score, a rattled Luc ran into Nico's racket, a bloody and swollen lip being the result. Luckily we found a doctor in the center that reassured that the teeth were not affected, that the cracks didn't need to be stitched up and that the bad look of the wounded would only be temporarily. Anyway, back on court with a big plaster over his mouth Luc finished the match in 3.

Next on court were Fernando against Felix Stamm. After losing the first set Fernando found his way into the match, driving the veteran Felix crazy with his badminton-style wrist shots. Sets two and three thus convincingly went to the Portuguese substitute, who now has played more often for GC1 than some regular players (in fact, there are rumours FF wants to take over the captain role next season..). In the fourth game at 10/4 Fernando switched the head off and needed 8 match balls to close out the match. Meanwhile Mäsi and Daniel Hoffmann had started their battle on court 1. Dani started slow and Mäsi managed to overpace him with his fast & furious low kill shots, winning the first set. In theory, "only" one more set would have been necessary to secure a winning-draw, but in the second set Dani changed his game and showed a supreme display of ball control by throwing in plenty of lobs and drops, and thus managed to neutralise Mäsi's favourite fast pace-game. After a good match of two talented players, Dani walked off court with a 3/1 victory, confirming a losing-draw for GC1.

Next match on March 17th will be the last one, and already now it is clear that GC1 will end up 4th of the group, this being a respectable result given that the team was plagued with injuries throughout the whole season. Anyway great fun to be part of this team!