Matchbericht ¦ Nationalliga B ¦ Grabs II vs. Grasshopper I ¦ 2:2

After struggling to get a team of 4 players together, we finally arrived in two cars somewhere in the middle of nowhere in Grabs.

Considering the endless drive we realised why the match date had been postponed to an evening half of the team-mates had X-Mas dinners from the office.
Although expecting to face a clear massacre with our beheaded team, we stepped on court with the attitude to give Grabs a hard time.

First to go was Christian Loosli against Axel Tappe. Good old team mate from the past showed a strong performance, some lovely holds, displaying his technique, followed by some fierce winners got him the first set. After losing the second set, he managed to regroup and with the fantastic coaching of our cunning Portuguese FF, advising him to play more boasts, he managed to close down the game in 4. A great effort with hard headed fighting, and an important win for our team confidence. By then Grabs had realised we didn’t come all the way to let them sneak an easy win. After the match Axel apologized for his terrible behaviour on court (a fact Christian didn't even notice) and had to leave early for dancing lessons. Well, luckily he didn’t dance on court that night.

Same time on the court next door Mic, having to play No. 1 in the team, faced notorious Pasquale Ruzicka. Coming straight from the car onto the court (interclub matches in Grabs start at 19:00…) and with Luc’s offer in mind for a 50 bucks worth bottle of wine for the guy who beats Ruzicka, he put on his poker face and tried to show his sympathetic opponent, that he had nothing to lose. Despite some hard fought points it soon became clear that the pace was just a bit to high. Failed to keep up the physicality of the game, a clear 3-0 could not be avoided. At least the crucial factor was not the racket work.

Third to go was F(ast) n F(urious). His opponent, Simon Vogel not only was of equal figure (some people felt sorry for the court) but also played the same killshot style of Squash. It was obvious that the game would be more of a « who-can-play-the-better-shots » thing. After securing the first game, FF had to fight hard to get the second. Thanks to his soccer thighs and fast movement (mainly) to the front (it was a pure shot-game), FF was able the secure our important second win for the team.

Fourth on court and first time in NLB, Adam «The Rock» had to play Jan Bucher-Straub. Adam managed well to keep up in the first game, unfortunately losing it in the end. Struggling to find a good game plan, and despite some coaching tips from FF between his own games, his opponent was able to raise the pressure and show some good winners. In the end Adam played a good game (he would clearly disagree) against a strong opponent, who was able to close in down in 3.

Although Grabs likewise didn’t come with their best team, a losing draw was more than we expected. Thanks a lot for the step-ins Fernando and Adam! After a good night of Interclub Squash, with a lovely meal in good company,  we took the long way home again, left with a slight feeling, that we also missed a chance that night to win some perhaps important points.

The first half of the season leaves us in a strong second place. Well done, proud and happy to be part of this team.