Matchbericht ¦ 1. Liga ¦ Uster IV vs. Grasshopper IV ¦ 4:0

Once again, GC IV had to do a little juggling of players as the original team succumbed to scheduling and injury problems to leave only Paul de Gruchy standing from the original line-up. Many thanks to Fernando and Beni for joining us at the last minute!  

After our drubbing by Cham, we were hoping for a better result against Uster, though on turning up to find they'd put out their strongest team of the season yet, that would prove to be an uphill task!

I started on the dreaded glass court with my match against Reto Schmitter.  A slow start meant Reto took the first game quite comfortably, but Paul's hugely motivational team talk pushed me to new heights and I was able to sneak the second 13-11.  Unfortunately Paul went AWOL after that game and my speed and accuracy followed closely behind.  Reto took an easy win in the next two games to secure the win 3:1. 1:0 for Uster.

Fernando was in fine form after his unexpected appearance for the 1st team last week, and came into his match against the far higher ranked Mario Aeschbach with great hopes.  Three closely contested games and one clear one for Mario later, the score stood at 2:2, and Fernando, wondering if his legs had also followed along behind Paul, had to dig in for the fifth.  It was a very tough fight, with both players producing some great shots, but Fernando - after opting to play what would have almost certainly been a game-ball producing stroke - wasn't able to finish the match off.  Mario produced a fine rolling nick for the win, 3:2. 2:0 to Uster.

Next up was Beni, playing against Alistair Gadola. Beni was never really able to trouble Alistair, (who rarely looks troubled anyway, whatever the reality), though he battled valiantly with some great rallies!  His fighting spirit was not however enough and Alistair was able to close the match out 3:0. 3:0 to Uster.

Last, but by no means least, was Paul "The Motivator" de Gruchy. Keen to continue his unbeaten run of Interclub matches,  Paul found himself up against Marcel Abt who's also been doing pretty well so far this season.  Paul started off very quickly to take the first game 11-4, but wasn't able to reproduce that in the second, losing to 9. A long third again went to Marcel, before Paul rediscovered his form, (or Marcel wanted a rest?), and took Marcel to pieces with a dominant 11-3. Marcel wasn't about to let the match go though, and didn't allow Paul to secure a consolation win, taking the game 11-5 and the match 3:2.  4:0 to Uster!

A good, but fruitless fight, leaving GC IV languishing at the bottom of the table and in dire need of a win against Vitis next week!

Mark Robbins