Matchbericht ¦ 1. Liga ¦ Sihltal III vs. Grasshopper IV ¦ 1:3

After a few issues sorting out the team - their aging captain once again being incapacitated and the 6th team being short of a player - GC 4 arrived in Sihltal in plenty of time to see whether they would be in with a chance of any points...

Our super-sub Mic was on first against Sandro Meier.  From the beginning the pace of the game was high, but Mic was in control and kept his opponent under pressure. A convincing 11-5 demonstrated Mic’s dominance. The same in the the second game left Sandro doubled up by the end of it - clearly struggling to keep up with the pace Mic was setting and, despite a brief rally at the beginning of the third, he was well and truly beaten. 3-0 to Mic.

Robin was up next, against the young Silvan Oertli. A tough beginning to the first game required Robin to work hard up to 7-7, before he decided he’d just win a few quick points instead to take the first 11-7. The second was also tough, but Robin came through to win 11-9, setting himself up for a good result. However, having overdosed on Yoga the previous night and being in the unfamiliar position of not being in physical pain, Robin’s wheels came off. Was it a rest game? Was it a sudden improvement by Silvan (it wasn’t!)? 11-1 to Silvan left the audience gobsmacked and wondering what was to come...  Unfortunately, what was to come was not good for Robin. His confidence boosted by his opponent's obvious fragility, Silvan decided not to make any more mistakes and took the fourth and fifth games convincingly. 3-2 to Silvan!

Next came Adam. Also playing a young opponent, Cédric Baumgartner, Adam started nervously and a hectic and relatively loose first two games led to too many mistakes letting Cédric take the games comfortably to lead 2-0. Adam wasn't finished though, and after a tactical masterclass in the break, he came back on in the third refreshed and determined to show that old guys sometimes can play a whole five sets without collapsing!  Cédric was obviously flustered by this sudden rejuvenation and, though fighting hard, he couldn't stop Adam from taking the next two games 11-8. Two-all and everything to play for!  Adam was now fully confident, perhaps even enjoying himself, so wasn't about to let this one go. Despite a ridiculous rally in which Cédric spent more time on the floor than on his feet - diving for everything to take the point from his incredulous opponent, Adam took the fifth comfortably - 11-5, sealing a good 3-2 win!

Last, but by no means least, came Paul. Knowing (thanks to his team mate's ego boosting chat) that his opponent, Alina, was a far superior player, he was nevertheless determined to win, having discovered that points really do mattter!  The first was a tight affair, with both players opting to play everything, even when a let may have been the safer option(!), but Paul managed to squeak through 13-11. After that, determined not to let his young opponent think she was in with a chance, Paul took the second game to 4, before closing out the third to 9. 3-0 to Paul.

A fantastic 3-1 victory for the team leaving us in the top half of the table after two matches. Well done!