Matchbericht ¦ NLA ¦ Grasshopper I vs. Grabs

This week we played at home against the league leader Grabs. Thanks to a strong performance of the whole team, we won 3 to 1. We thank all the fans for a successful evening with great matches.

To the matches

#1 Dimi was never really in trouble in his match against Aqeel Rehman, the Austrian mercenary, and was able to put in some show acts to entertain the crowd. Only in the third set he lost his concentration for a short time, but then he could finally win the match in the tiebreak.

#2 Thanks to winning his second PSA title in France last weekend, Yannick is full of confidence. After the stringing broke on three rackets in a row, he ran out of rackets. A certain nervousness came up but Yannick could handle it and so he won with a foreign racquet the sets 3 and 4 each with 11:9 and the match with 3:1.

#3 Davide lost in 5 sets against Luca Wilhelmi. Davide had his chance to end the match in the fourth set, which he unfortunately lost 11:13. In the 5th set he lost power and his opponent finished the match strongly.

#4 Marcel could also convince in his second mission for GC and won his second match in a hard fought 5 set match.